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Welcome to City Youth

– Living purposefully and successfully –

About Us.

At City Youth, we work to foster the total personal growth of each person and seek to draw young people into responsible participation at home, school and the community.

At City Youth, we teach the youths and young adults to discover their gifts, foster their uniqueness, help them to live responsibly and, walk with them in their process of becoming all they can be.     Read More…


City Youth is a family of youths and young adults, brilliant, visionary, bold and growing world changers. We are made up of workers, high schools and college students.

We are being groomed to be young leaders in the community and to live lives that honor God in all areas. City Youth is more than programs and events.


Dear Parents,

We want you to know that we only want to partner with you in building the lives of your children. So, feel free to contact us any time with whatever concern you may have. Here are a few things we hope to be able to accomplish through our partnership.     Read More…

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